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Welcome to the Star Thrower Farm website! Our farm is home to a flock of pasture raised, purebred Icelandic sheep and their guardian llamas. Pastures are a combination of native grasses, wildflowers and alfalfa. This nutritious forage adds complexity to the flavor of the rich sheep's milk cheeses produced at the farm's creamery. Icelandic sheep do not give a large quantity of milk but do produce a very high quality milk that is excellent for cheesemaking.

In addition to their rich milk, Icelandic sheep are known for their beautiful fleeces prized by handspinners, felters and other fiber artists. Because our flock is pastured, their fleeces are very clean with little vegetive matter. Visit the Store section of this website for our current selection of raw fleeces and processed fiber products.

Icelandic sheep are called "triple purpose" because in addition to their rich milk and beautiful fleece, they are reknowned for their delicious and mild flavored meat. Once you try Icelandic lamb you better understand the meaning of the word "gourmet."
Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for your interest in our farm, sheep, cheese and fiber products.

Star Thrower Farm is featured on sustainable agriculture video
The Crow River Chapter of the Sustainable Farming Association asked Star Thrower Farm to participate in the making of a promotion video which explains the goals of this very worthwhile group.
Beautiful Icelandic lopi yarn in a variety of natural colors, rich, moisturizing homemade soap and handknitted natural colored woolens are now available from Star Thrower Farm
Star Thrower Farm will be at Mill City and Kingfield/Fulton winter farmers markets throughout the winter months. Our next market is Saturday, February 8, at the Mill City Museum from 10-1. Our farmstead sheep milk cheeses, pastured lamb and fiber products are natural, healthy and Minnesota grown!
Lookng for unique gift ideas? Contact for a current selection of handknit Icelandic woolens and cheese gift baskets
Star Thrower Farm is included in the Minnesota Bride magazine's Best of 2012 issue. We were proud to be chosen as the site for this beautiful wedding